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Rail Innovation Network

In November 2011, RIA completed and successfully demonstrated to potential users a working prototype for Rail Innovation Network – a social business networking site built on a new concept developed by RIA.

The purpose and objectives of the new communication method proposed by RIA are to improve usefulness and increase usability of existing networks by removing discrepancy between the dynamic needs of users and rigid connectivity allowing users to get in touch with most appropriate audiences. In the suggested process, the purpose of communication and connectivity access are customised by users from both ends, thus, making communication most relevant and useful.

The new site will promote informal learning thus, adding value to RIA educational programs. It will also improve connectivity, links and interactions within the industry and between the industry and academia acting as a facilitator of innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer in the future well beyond the life of CRCs.

Project Status

Following completion of the project and internal trials, in November 2013 Rail Innovation Network was opened for external users. In the period of external trials until June 2014, the registration and login to the site is by invitation only. The invitation has been extended to railway organisations supporting Rail CRC educational programs, professional associations and other stakeholders. Railway engineers, managers and other professionals from Australia and other countries who are interested to be part of the trials, may get an invitation code by contacting RIA.

For requesting an Invitation Code and other enquiries please contact:

Ms Vicky Kreiser
Administration Manager
Rail Innovation Australia Pty Ltd

Voice: (07) 4923 2277
Fax: (07) 4923 2161


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