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Rail Noise and Wear Assessment System

Rail noise and wear noise table

Noise signature identification used in the Rail Noise and Wear Assessment system.

A high proportion of the maintenance costs associated with the operation of any railway are generated through the wear induced at the wheel-rail interface.

The Rail CRC has developed software for an on-board noise monitoring system that could identify areas of track in bad conditions requiring attention. The benefits from the use of the software include significantly reduced wheel wear and track maintenance costs. The noise generated by wheel-rail interaction indicates various track conditions and wear processes that are taking place. Common conditions such as flanging, wheel squeal, wheel rail impact, corrugations and steel structure noises could be recognised by the system.

The software was tested and used ‘in-house’ by RailCorp, QR and the Australian Rail Track Corporation for satisfying noise compliance requirements delivering significant cost savings to network owners and positive feedback from customers. 

According to Mr David Anderson, an environmental engineer from RailCorp: ‘RailCorp found this software invaluable because it enables us to use extremely inexpensive equipment to capture noise recordings and then carry out accurate and targeted noise analysis from recordings collected over an extended period of time. Instead of spending $100,000’s for monitoring wheel squeal for extended periods, it can now be done for just a few thousand dollars.’

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