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OzECP Brakes

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OzECP brake hardware

A new ECP brake product most suitable for the Australian brakes design is being developed via a cooperative project between Rail Innovation Australia, Aurizon, Faiveley Transport and CQUniversity . The new product called OzECP has the following features:

  • OzECP is versatile and flexible.
  • Modular design (easy to install and repair).
  • OzECP brake is more reliable and safer as it is combined with a spring distributor valve as a back-up.  In the event that ECP is not available because of power failure or any other reason, the system is still capable of performing normal service and emergency braking.
  • The system is designed to allow the train line to control additional brake functions or support additional systems such as the Train Health Advisory System (THAS) which is being currently developed by the same project partners
  • Compact and lightweight, the electronic brake controller is incorporated into the pipe bracket.


In 2013 the project has successfully completed field trials of OzECP brakes in commercial traffic. The trials undertaken over the 8 months period demonstrated reliable performance of the product and its interoperability with other types of ECP brakes. As demonstrated by the field trials, Wagon Monitoring Cards to be supplied with OzECP brakes are capable of providing valuable data critical for improving rail safety and reliability of operations and save maintenance costs. In addition to expected early derailment warnings, the system is capable of detecting and reporting on wheel hunting, wheel flats and severe steering events as well as identifying track sites with cyclical rail tops and other problems.

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