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Train Health Advisory System (THAS)


Safety of rail operations is paramount not only to passenger but also heavy haul and freight operators. As derailments are costly to rail customers, improving the safety and reliability of operations is an important source of competitive advantage for railways. Reliability of operations is also critical to rail links operating at the limit of their capacity. For these reasons , intelligent train monitoring has become one of the fastest growing areas of rail technologies.

Wagon HealthCard units

The Train Health Advisory System (THAS) is one of the first low cost on-board train monitoring systems in the world for multiple wagon use. While the first version of the Wagon Health Unit had a focus on derailment identification and early derailment warnings, the advanced version is also capable of reporting on ride quality, flat wheels and dangerous wheel unloading. Long-term database records provided by the latest version of the monitoring device will also deliver valuable reviews of train behavior to other rail players such as rolling stock manufacturers and track owners.


In 2013 the project completed field trials of two versions of Wagon Health Cards (WHC). The first version of the WHC, to be supplied as part of OzECP brakes, will send early derailment warnings and detect and report wheel and track problems in real time. Wheel hunting, severe steering events, and cyclical rail tops are among the problems diagnosed by the first version of the system. Adoption of the monitoring system by Australian railways would undoubtedly contribute to improving safety and reliability of rail heavy haul operations. The advance version of WHC with extended detection capabilities will also report on ride quality and wheel unloading.

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