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UniSA, TMG Rail Technology and Pacific National personnel discuss the benefits of the developed Energymiser system.

Energymiser: Drivers’ Advisory System for Energy Savings

As rail operators around the globe are looking to save costs, the demand for energy-saving solutions is growing fast. Drivers’ advisory systems are recognised among the most cost-efficient solutions that could save a rail operator millions of dollars in fuel costs annually. For example, a 10% reduction in fuel consumption for 20 vehicles delivered by Energymiser delivers in average $2 million savings to an Australian rail operator.

The Australian-born system cooperatively developed and tested in Rail CRC with input from Australian rail operators has now been well accepted and recognised by customers internationally. The product is delivered to the market by TTG Transportation Technology and marketed jointly with Rail Innovation Australia.

The superior product capabilities include a real-time adaptation to changed traffic conditions and train schedules, ease of installation and use, a user-friendly interface, and proven energy savings of up to 20% delivered in successful field trials undertaken by many rail organisations operating in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The system, which could be easily retrofitted to any type of train, is supported by web-based platform allowing rail operators to monitor and manage energy performance. Because of its superior qualities, low cost and high returns delivered to customers, Energymiser is now well recognised in the international market among other energy-saving products promoted by large rail manufacturers.

Today Energymiser is operating on more than 200 trains in Australia and 450 trains overseas, delivering tangible fuel savings to customers, while installation of a further 160 units is underway. Internationally, the product has secured requests from customers for further installation of over 2,000 units.

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