Education and Training Materials for Licensing

Education and Training Materials for Licensing

A broad range of distant learning resources for education and training of railway engineers and managers is available for licensing to railway organisations, RTOs and consulting companies. These materials could be used for internal training of staff, consultancies, development of new training materials, and other purposes.

For Rail Signalling Engineers:

  • Signalling and Safe Rail Operations
  • Signalling Principles
  • Signalling Layout
  • Signalling Applications Engineering
  • Signalling System, Management and Engineering
  • Signalling Project Definition and Planning
  • Railway Telecommunications

  For Rail Operation Managers:

  •  Introduction to Rail Operations Management
  • Rail Infrastructures
  • Network and Localised Train Control
  • Train Planning
  • Passenger and Freight Operations
  • Rail Operations Risk Management and Administration

  For Rail Infrastructure Engineers:

  •  Rail and Related Track Structures
  • Ballast, Sleepers and Fasteners
  • Track Geometry and Train Interaction
  • Track Stability, Design and Formation
  • Assets, Environment and Safety
  • Track Construction, Civil Structures

Please contact Vicky Kreiser on 07 4923 2277 or via email for further enquiries and initial expression of interest.


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