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Education and Training Solutions for the Railway Industry

Rail CRC, a joint venture between six railway organisations and six universities provided an opportunity for the Australian railway industry to collaboratively develop educational materials that would support transfer of knowledge from experienced engineers and managers to younger generations and new staff entering the industry.

Comprehensive educational materials covering four major areas of railway knowledge in Rail Operation Management , Rolling Stock Engineering , Rail Infrastructure and Signal and Telecommunications have been produced as an outcome of collaborative efforts between the industry and academics. These materials are a unique combination of fundamental concepts and knowledge required from railway engineers and managers, latest industry reference materials essential to practitioners and multiple case-studies introducing learners to industry-specific challenges and problems.

An RIA responsibility is to ensure that the materials remain relevant and current, and at any time the industry has access to a set of educational and training solutions best placed for educating industry professionals and assisting them with their careers.

Four Industry Advisory Commit­tees comprising senior engineers and managers from the Australasian Railway Association, railway professional associations and largest national and international railway organisations are overseeing the delivery and maintenance of RIA university programs and courses.

Whether you are looking to build or enhance your knowledge in a particular area of railways or would like to undertake a comprehensive study toward a degree, RIA programs and courses delivered by QUT and UoW  via internet provide you with an opportunity to study from anywhere in the world at a time of your convenience. Importantly, Programs could also be used as rail professional development courses by engineers and managers commencing their work for the industry. If you need to learn about a particular area of railways relevant to your job responsibilities, you could enrol in a particular module of a Program, complete it and get a credit toward a university degree.

The RIA Programs are a key element of the ‘core curriculum’ being developed by the Australasian Railway Association under ‘One Track’ initia­tive . The purpose of the initiative is to create a national curriculum and requirements accepted by railway organisations and authorities across jurisdictions.

Educational materials collaboratively developed by the industry in Rail CRC are also available for licensing to Australian companies undertaking consultancies and other projects overseas. If you are looking to provide services to an overseas client and have a need to develop a customised training course, the industry-developed materials may simplify your task by providing real-life case studies, data, diagrams and images that could be helpful to you. Please contact RIA to discuss your needs.


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