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Who is RIA?

In 2007, the Board of Rail CRC and the Department of Science, Education and Training approved licensing of Intellectual Property developed throughout the six-year life of Rail CRC to spin-off company, Rail Innovation Australia Pty Ltd.

Since its commencement, RIA has worked hard to be a proven success as a start-up company, with the following technologies forming part of its substantial asset base, including:

  • OzECP brake technology
  • THAS (Train Health Advisory System) technology
  • Rail Noise and Wear Assessment System
  • A number of software products expected to enhance rail operations and save the industry substantially – D-Track, Rail Corrugation Predictor system
  • Education and training programs

While Rail Innovation Australia works with key partners to commercialise the world-leading technologies developed in Rail CRC, it will also position itself as an industry leader in intellectual property transfer, commercialisation and the development of new technologies in collaborative partnerships with manufacturers and technology users. Rail Innovation Australia will be an innovative player in the rail industry market, identifying and leading the development and capture of new technologies to meet the railway industry’s innovation needs.

Rail Innovation Australia will be a provider and promoter of Open Innovation, the fundamental concept behind the company’s business model. It will work with rail industry organisations to identify and source external intellectual property – whether used within or outside the rail industry - and better manage internal IP resources to maintain their competitive advantage.


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