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History - Rail CRC to Rail Innovation Australia Pty Ltd (RIA)

The Cooperative Research Centre for Railway Engineering and Technologies (Rail CRC), a joint venture of six universities and six major Australian railway companies, was the first transportation-related research and education Centre in Australia partially sponsored by the Commonwealth Government under the Cooperative Research Centre Program.

More then 250 experts from industry and academia combined their efforts under the CRC umbrella to develop knowledge, products and services that would assist the industry with improving productivity and performance. More than $60 million in cash and in-kind resources was contributed to the Centre by participants and the government toward 40 R&D and educational projects.

Over the 6 years of operation from 2001 to 2007 the Centre developed an impressive portfolio of technologies, software products and educational materials. As independently estimated by consultants and international experts, Rail CRC outputs have the capability to deliver significant benefits to the industry via improved productivity, reduced maintenance costs, increased network capacity, and reliability and efficiency of operations.

Rail Innovation Australia (RIA) Pty Ltd, established in 2007, was assigned with a challenging task to manage, further grow and commercialise the Rail CRC intellectual property delivering benefits to the industry and returns to shareholders.


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